NetNeutrality campaign


What is Net Neutrality? Why is it so important?

Net neutrality is a principle that says Internet service providers should treat all traffic on their networks equally. That means companies like Airtel should not block or slow down access to any website or content on the Web – for instance, to benefit their own services over those of competitors.

Today, everywhere on the internet and media you may hearing about Net Neutrality. This is an important topic to be discussed but still, only a few people are giving their attention on this. Many people are still not aware and they don’t know what does Net Neutrality mean and why should they care about it? So let’s talk about it.

Net Neutrality, is a paradigm in the network design which queries the broadband network providers to treat all the data equally. In essence, it argues that the internet service providers should not prioritize any data over another. Net neutrality, ensures that our ISPs don’t block, discriminate or override any data without our consent. This includes “bandwidth throttling” which means the information has been stifled by your ISP in order to exploit. Access free and open internet is the greatest technology of the current era and its management should not be at the mercy of multinational corporations.

Pros of Net neutrality:

  1. No Restrictions: Currently there are no restrictions on the websites that a user can access , unless the local government has specified any restrictions.
  2. No Throttling : Internet service providers can not manipulate the download or upload speeds depending upon the contents accessed.
  3. No Censorship : Besides the connection premium, there is no constraint on how much one can download or upload.
  4. Lower cost of Internet: Without the tiering networks there is no extra mount one has to pay.
  5. An open access promotes innovation,drives entrepreneurship,stimulates ISP competition which leads to better service and customer care.

How can ISPs harm net neutrality?

ISPs have previously talked about charging extra for services like Skype that compete with its voice business. That’s against the principle of net neutrality that asks for all traffic to be treated equally.

First, we have started the campaign with our college teachers as if they know better about Net neutrality then they will spread this to other’s better.

Mehul  first tell them about Net neutrality, why its important and how people can get benefits if Net neutrality successful. They all are very impressed by my session and then they also be part of this campaign. By Holding Net neutrality pamphlet they showed their support.



@College Staff room, Teachers are showing their support for Net Neutrality by holding the pamphlets.

@College Staff room, Teachers are showing their support for Net Neutrality by holding the pamphlets.


Then we have started to get aware students aware about Net neutrality and then we have started to explaining students by group.  We have taken almost full round of our college including College entrance area, classroom, canteen, open-space and corridor, etc. In short we have done the campaign in each corner of our college the way we got students.



Here I also show support for Net Neutrality


What can I do?

Share your views on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc to get people aware about it and try get more involved in it as at the end every single people will get benefits of it, and yes we believe in equality that more we want  Net neutrality.

The regulator is seeking the views of all stakeholders by April 24 – that includes consumers like you – and you can send your comments to to let the regulator know where you stand.


For more information please refer below links :

A sign in support of net neutrality stands outside the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) headquarters in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, May 14, 2014. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is going forward with a vote tomorrow on rules to allow paid fast lanes for Web traffic as artists protest and corporate chieftains warn him against going too far. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fight for the Right!!!


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