Mozconnect at Matoshri College


  1. About Mozilla
  2. FOSS and Open Source
  3. Online Privacy & Security
  4. Session On Lightbeam and how it works
  5. Community Building & Contribution areas of Mozilla
  6. Firefox Hello
  7. Feedback Session


Matoshri College of Engineering & Research Center
Eklahare, Near Odhagaon Aurangabad Highway, Tal & Dist. Nashik (MS) 422105, India
City: Nashik


  1. Mehul Patel (Organizer & Speaker)
  2. Akash Jobanputra (Organizer)
  3. Vishal Chavan (Speaker)
  4. Mitesh Pokar 
  5. Deepak Patel

Technical Assistance:-

  1. Deepak Patel : Provided all needs and resources and also, he has clicked great photos of the event.

Etherpad Link :


About The Event:

The Main Motto of the Event is to Literate Students about Mozilla, the Online Privacy & Security, what is FOSS and how The Exclusive tool LIGHTBEAM can be the Best option to Prevent their privacy, Introducing them to Open Source O.S. Linux and a Live Demo of Firefox Hello.


Vishal Chavan’s Session : 

The session was about the Mozilla Organization and its working area and the community which are formed all over the world and how they are working together and share their knowledge. He has also focused on Privacy and security session and provide the practical demonstration that all know how they been tracked and how they can prevent it. He is just AWESOME.



Akash Jobanputra and Mitesh Pokar’s Session :

Me & Akash have taken  1st session in Mozilla on Privacy & Security.

I have provided information about the basic security features of Firefox Browser, Like Private Browsing, about:permissions, etc and Akash has focused on LIGHTBEAM session.

In brief introduction : There are many peoples in the world who tracked us everyday, every minute, Both have focused on The virtual add-on that helps visualize what are the THIRD PARTY TRACKING sites that are snatching your confidential data that you do not want to be tracked!! As result you can then BLOCK those websites for further data tracking by that particular website !! By using this Add-on you can block the threat site and or any third party site who been tracked you.


Practical demonstration of LightBeam



Mehul Patel’s Session :

Mehul was mainly focused on community building and different contribution areas of Mozilla. Provided in brief information about the Mozilla Nashik community and its enrollment in the Mozilla. Also, let them know about “WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR MOZILLA“, areas like SUMO,WoMoz, Web-Maker, L10, etc.



How they can involved?

Mehul have provided them a steps for Firefox Student Ambassadors(FSA) registration process and how they can contribute in it.  While interacting with them, all are actively listening the session and feels proud to say that some of students have registered immediately for FSA after the session get over.


Firefox Hello (Setup, Demonstrations, Celebration) :

Firefox Hello provides value to Firefox users by making it easier to communicate with your friends and family who might not have the same video chat service, software or platform. It’s free to make voice and video calls and there’s no need to download any software, plugins.

How we go : We just need to click the Hello icon, start a new conversation, and copy-paste the link to anyone whom we want to video chat with. No sign-ups required! Students are actually loved it after heard about this awesome features.

Firefox Hello remembers your conversations and keep those links alive until we delete them, so we can give each chat window a unique name for the people we call often. Also, it allows you to connect with anyone who has a WebRTC-enabled browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera.



Awesome Interactions with students :



Awesome Crowd


Questions & Answer session


















After the session students came up with the various questions and we have almost tried to provide them a fulfill solutions and specially there are many Girls who is being very interested to join us as they loved our sessions and very keep to contribute in Mozilla. 

Feedback-The Achievement of Session :

‪#‎Feedback‬ always appreciate our work and that is what we saw in Today’s Awesome session


Thank you Firefox in different languages…:)



Thanks  Akash for all support for technical assistance

Group Photo’s…!!!!


Foxy expressions with Awesome MozGuys



Take a quick look of MozConnect at Matoshri college event in popcorn maker

vote of thank to Vishal Chavan for providing some awesome information aboutMozilla and FOSS Also, thanks Mehul Patel, Deepak Patel and Akash Jobanputra for being strong pillar of this session as you are the main helping hand for us. thanks for joining us guys and you guys made this event just awesome.

Mehul & Vishal Show support #WearYellowforSeth



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