MozillaNashik Community Meetup

It was my First Community Meetup..


1) Ice breaking session.

2) Interactive session reviving the achievements and activities from  last year.

3) Community session on contribution pathways.

4) Sessions and talks on new project contribution areas.

5) Breakout session.

6) lightning talks by community members.

7) Introduction to Mozilla Stumbler (MLS).




1) Ankit Gadgil (Rep Mozilla Council)

2) Mayur Patil (RAL India)

3) Omkar Walimbe

4) Vishal Chavan

5) Ronit Jadhav

6) Mehul Patel


Venue : 

Kalpana Nagar, College Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422005, India


An overwhelming session which proved to be noteworthy on Future’s point of view for the fresh FSA’s.He guided the newbies on how to make contribution and be active in community.It was a talk that made the GATES WIDE OPEN with tonnes of OPPORTUNITIES.




Mayur Patil’s talk on METHODOLOGIES to follow (THE DO’s & Dont’s):

Mayur Patil guided on what are the various roles that a FSA must follow to be able to make QUALITY CONTRIBUTIONS and PRESENT his views in a systematic order.


1)An active social network.(Tweeting & blogging)

2)Contributing consistently in area of interest.

3)Spreading AWARENESS.

It was a session that made FSA aware about hoe to create a AUSPICIOUS IDENTITY. :)


 Community WEBSITE Launching and Celebrating Womens Day :

It was a FEELING OF PROFOUNDNESS as our community achieved yet another milestone by launching our own website named ““. It then became our capital where we then could carry out activities of our community in unaison. The website designing credits goes to OMKAR WALIMBE who gave us a platform to express our sayings at a CAPITAL DESTINATION.


Website Credits (Y) Cheers!!!

Another celebrating moment was, WOMENS DAY. We have celebrated the both moments by cutting the cake.


Celebrating women’s day at ‪#‎MozillaNashik‬ community meet.
These women love foxy goggles



 Group Activities.

Then came the time to get our BRAINS brushed up as the activity was based on our PERCEPTION & VIEWS. A question was asked by a lead member of community the FSA’s need to segregate if they agreed if they didn’t or if they were’nt sure.It made our brains lit up as each one of the FSA mentioned their own perspective and indirectly shared their knowledge and increased other’s is well.

1)Is Internet safe??        Yes 45%               No 20%         Not sure 35%

2)Terms and Conditions by apps are appropriate??     Yes 40%               No 30%         Not sure 30%



STICK YOUR INTEREST: A wonderful freedom(Students to express their area of interest)


Contribution Area’s in which students would like to contribute.



  • Moz Stumbler (MLS) :-

The Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like WiFi access points and cell towers. This network based location service complements satellite based navigation systems like A-GPS. Combined these two approaches are one of the foundations for enabling context aware applications. This open service relies on a community of contributors, ranging from data collection,innovation on top of the service to ORG sharing information about their infrastructure. The awesome speak was discussed by RONIT JADHAV on this very special occasion.



Awesome FSA’s Crowd


Group Photo…!!!


Vote of thank to Ankit Gadgil, Mayur Patil, Omkar Walimbe & Ronit Jadhav for providing some awesome information.


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