‪#‎MozSuperSunday‬ Session On OpenSource,LightBeam Working &  About Mozilla Community


1) About Mozilla

2) FOSS and Open Source

3) Online Privacy & Security

5) Session On Lightbeam and how it works

6) 3D view Firefox Developer Tool

6) Introduction to WordPress

7) WordPress Setup

8) WordPress Handson

6) Feedback Session


Hemkunj,Tapovan road, krishna nagar, panchavati,, Nashik , Maharashtra,India.


1) Mehul Patel (Organiser)

2) Mitesh Pokar

3) Mayur Patil (Speaker)

4) Pranav Deshpande

5) Mayur Padma

About The Event:

The event was on starting a OpenSource Super Weekend. This is a new kind of event format. Every weekend we will meet and learn new opensource technology. This is a good event format where we can collaborate with other open source communities and spread open source.

Today’s topics was Mozilla (Intro + Privacy&Security+ How to contribute + FSA) and Wordpress (Intro + Setup + Handson)

Mayur Patil‘s Session:-

The session was about the Mozilla Organization and its working area and the community which are formed all over the world and how they are working together and share their knowledge.He has also focused on Privacy and security session and provide the practical demonstration that all know how they been tracked and how they can prevent it. In short he has covered WHOLE Session, he Just AWESOME


Watching a video of Mozilla Network


Because of some technical reasons we can’t arranged projector..But due to that we doesn’t stop Because For learning something we doesn’t required any stuff we just required that is a Pure Passion towards to learn something.

Second session was on Ligtbeem Add-on

LIGHTBEAM, To be honest it was AWESOME, BRILLIANT SCINTILLATING SESSION!!  There are many peoples in the world who tracked us everyday, every minute, Mayur has focused on The virtual add-on that helps visualize what are the THIRD PARTY TRACKING sites that are snatching your confidential data that you do not want to be tracked!! As result you can then BLOCK those websites for further data tracking by that particular website !! By using this Add-on you can block the threat site and or any third party site who been tracked you.


Giving practical on Lightbeem, How exactly it work.


Next Session was on 3D view Firefox Developer Tool

It was best part of the whole session And one of my favorite

When you click on the 3D view button, the page goes into 3D view mode;
in this mode, you can see your page presented in a 3D view in which
nested blocks of HTML are increasingly “tall,” projecting outward from
the bottom of the page. This view makes it easy to visualize the nesting
of your content.
By clicking and dragging the view, you can rotate and re-orient the 3D presentation of the DOM hierarchy of your page to see it from different
angles, to better examine its structure. Off-screen elements become
visible, so that you can see where your elements are located in relation
to the visible content. You can click on elements to see their HTML in
the HTML panel or the Style panel. Conversely, you can click on elements in the breadcrumb bar to change which element is selected in the 3D view.



Mayur Patil concludes by sharing  Mozilla story of his life
he shared what was our mission of Nashik Mozilla Community
and how we contribute to the open web.. by showing one video of his life events with Mozilla.

A Hearty apologize that we could not take the WordPress session as that was also part of it but due to our first session was taking too long time as we get awesome response from the student so can’t stop our-self to provide as more as information we have, but we promise next Sunday session will be starting with WordPress workshop and others agenda’s which we are planning for next week and will hope next week also will try our best to provide as more as knowledge that we have.


Last session was of Feedback

‪#‎Feedback‬  was always appreciate our work and that what I saw in Today’s Awesome session by seeing the great Feedback by ‪#‎Students‬ who came for the event, A very Special thanks to Mehul Patel for taking an Initiative about this idea ‪#‎MozSuperSunday Session and being part of it, I feel to proud be here and looking for some more blast in next coming Sunday.. now this keep goes on…


Students giving their feedback’s


Me with the feedback’s..:-P


Our main agenda is to spread the knowledge and teach the people who are passionate about this And also learn the new things.

Technical Assistance:-


1) Deepak Patel :- Provided all needs and resources.

2) Akshay Pardeshi:- provided all needs and resources.

Without you awesome guyzz event can’t be more Rocking…



Lastly the vote of thank to Mayur Patil for providing some awesome information and Special thanks to Mehul Patel for organizing an event and provide some great information about OpenSource. Looking forward to keep this work on every week and this gives other peoples more benefits..

& Off-course thnx to the all FSA  & Students  who attended todays session..Thank you so much guyzz for great response..


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